All Walks of Life - STOP the violence to people with disabilities!

Community Awards

All Walks Of Life, recognizes the efforts of others in our community that add a measure of violence prevention for people with disabilities.

Independent Living Centers of Houston

Is recognized for enacting a criteria for the rejection of housing applications that add a measure of prevention for its residents. Anyone who has been convicted for the sale, use, possession, or manufacture of illegal drugs, or for threats, damage, or taking of life or property, will now be rejected. This also applies to live-in attendants and other household members.

Our purpose is the prevention of violence to people with disabilities.

We believe violence prevention and quality of life issues wrap-around each other to form social solutions that benefit the individual and the community.

Yellow Cab Company of Houston

Is recognized for the installation of digital - wireless cameras in its fleet of cabs. These cameras add a measure of prevention for the many people with disabilities (as well as those without) who use cabs in Houston. Yellow Cab of Houston is under contract with METROLift (Houston Paratransit) to provide transportation services to people with disabilities.

Solutions - It's about awareness, education and prevention

These form the basis of our Solutions. Solutions that bred hope, coupled with determination to live life as independent from the fear of violence as anyone else!

Vulnerability is not a pleasant thought, No one should live in fear! Yet, for many people with disabilities, this is exactly the world in which they live. At home, in transit, at work, in care homes, in schools, the Vulnerability goes where they go.